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 Post subject: Top of the Class
PostPosted: November 6th, 2010, 3:15 pm 
Miserable Worm
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Another extract from my diary - Full version in the Members Blog as usual.

Miss Hybrid is in a bit of a playful mood today, which does not bode well for my dignity. There was a strange smile on her face when I saw her this morning as I pickup up my cup of tea from the kitchen. There was mention made on the forum recently of schoolgirl uniforms and it has obviously been playing on my employer’s mind. A couple of days ago, she strides into my office and perches on the edge of the desk, the slit along the leg of the plain grey skirt that she is wearing falls open to give me a lovely view of her stocking tops and the tailored blouse exaggerates the size of her already formidable chest.

“Felix”, she says, “I noticed some old school desks in the store room the other day and that gave me an idea. I would like to get at least four of them, a blackboard and an office desk set up as a schoolroom. There is plenty of room in the hayloft, so I want to use a corner of that. Get it organised for me.”

So with a bit of help from Stefan and Andy, we find six serviceable school desks which need minimal cleaning, a large blackboard and an office desk, all of which we take up to the dungeon along with some chairs and set them up like a classroom. I even find an old globe and a couple of posters that look as though they might be found in a classroom circa 1970. It all looks pretty good, albeit you would not normally see chains, whips and restraints adorning classroom walls (well, not where I went to school, anyway).

This leads me back to today. I returned from the kitchen to find a package on my desk with a note in Miss Hybrid’s handwriting. “Put this on and then go to the classroom”.

This could be fun, I think to myself, a bit of skooldaze dress up should get the day off to a good start. I wonder if she has got that school uniform she made me wear earlier this year out again.

The answer to that would be no.

I unwrap the package to find a short grey pleated skirt, white shirt, tie, white suspenders, black stockings, pair of white silky bikini style knickers and a pair of black heels.

I quite like the idea of this, my kinky side coming to the fore. I quickly strip off my suit, neatly laying my discarded clothing on my chair. I pull on the panties first, the silky material feels very erotic against my skin, and I feel myself hardening already. As I pull them up I notice that there is a convenient hole in the rear end. Suspenders and then stockings go on next. I pull them over my legs slowly, relishing the sensation of the nylon as it rubs against my legs. The shirt/blouse is next followed by the skirt, then the tie for which I use my usual Double Windsor knot at first. I dawns on me that that might not quite be suitable for my current attire and go for a short fat knot instead. Finally I slide my size 10’s into the heels and totter out into the corridor. No one else is about until I reach the front door, where I see Jane dressed similarly to me with the addition of pigtails and Stefan in school boy’s outfit, including grey shorts and a cap.

“Looks like you managed to piss her off again, hey Felix”, he smirks.

“Oh, I don’t know”, I say hesitantly, “I quite like this little getup”

We walk across the courtyard to the hayloft together, and being the Gentleman that I am, I indicate for Jane to take the stairs first. The short skirt does nothing to hide her red see through thong, and she knows it, taking her time in climbing the steps, showing herself off to me and Stefan. I feel a renewed stirring in my panties as we follow her up. Entering the “classroom”, I see that Andy, Lucy and Jill are already seated.

“Pretty as picture, Felix”, calls out Jill as we go to sit down.

“Thank you”, I say, ignoring the obvious sarcasm in her voice, “You look pretty good yourself”

She has her blouse tied up under her tits, enhancing her décolletage, with just the hint of a powder blue bra showing around the edges. I take the seat to her left, taking in her long white socks and the bare skin of her thighs as I do so.

The six desks are arranged in two rows of three with space between each one that our teacher can walk between. Jane sits behind me, Stefan to her right and Andy at the end behind Lucy.

“Felix, you usually know what Miss H has planned, what’s this all about?” asks Lucy.

“I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that it might have been because of something I said in jest the other day”, I reply.

Just then, the door opens and Miss Hybrid appears. She is wearing a black latex top with white cuffs and collar with a tie detail on the neckline. The latex skirt is also black, and just comes down to the top of the thigh length, high heeled boots which are intricately laced in a criss-cross pattern at the back. Black latex opera gloves cover her arms to just above her elbows. She is holding a tradition bamboo cane in her hand which taps against her boots as she stands in front of the class.

“Good morning boys, girls and worm”, she intones, “I see that you have all come properly dressed as requested. Pig tails for all the girls is very good, except for baldy Felix. That’s one black mark for Felix for not having pigtails.”

She turns to the book on her desk, opens it and writes something before closing it again and turning back to us.

“Right”, she says, “today we are going to be studying ‘doggy style’. I want those of you in the front row to stand up and then lean forward over your desks, and part your legs so that your feet are at the edges of your desk.”

Jill, Lucy and I all stand and bend over our desks.

“Stick your arses out a little further please ladies”, she orders, and we do so.


 Post subject: Re: Top of the Class
PostPosted: November 11th, 2010, 6:58 pm 

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love those stories

 Post subject: Re: Top of the Class
PostPosted: May 5th, 2011, 5:14 pm 
Miserable Worm
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She got the school mistress kit on again yesterday.
I recomend going to her website and then looking for the oldest update you can find. ;)


 Post subject: Re: Top of the Class
PostPosted: May 5th, 2011, 9:03 pm 
Miserable Worm
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I have decided to post the rest of the story here, as we are in the classroom mood :D
Miss Hybrid walks over to Lucy first and lifts the tiny skirt out of the way. She is wearing a pair of sheer red split crotch panties. Miss H rubs her cane along Lucy’s exposed gash, hangs it over her arm and then rubs her pussy. Pulling her hand away, we can all see the sheen that the gloved fingers have gained from Lucy’s moist cunt.
“Andy, you take over here”, she instructs, “ensure that she is nice and moist.”
Andy stands up and rubs Lucy’s damp pussy, separating her lips with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.
“Good job, Andy, keep it up. A little anal play would be good as well” she says as she moves over to Jill and repeats the procedure.
Jill is wearing a light blue thong. After rubbing the cane along Jill’s crack, she pulls the thong to the side and slips a finger into her pussy. Jill pushes back against Miss H’s hand. Miss Hybrid pulls her hand away and slaps Jill’s arse hard.
“Did I tell you to move?” she exclaims.
“No Miss”, Jill answers sheepishly, “I just thought…”
“Do only what I tell you to do, not what you think”, she commands, “Am I clear?”
“Yes Miss”, Jill replies.
“That goes for all of you. Understand?”
There is a chorus of “Yes Miss” from all of us.
“Good”, she says as she turns back to her desk, opens her book and makes another note.
“Stefan, make sure Jill is nice and wet please. Fingers only for now”, she admonishes as Stefan looks to use his tongue, “you can hardly be paying attention if your face is buried in her cunt.”
“Now”, she says, “Little Miss Felix”. She glances over at me. “Black mark for not having a pussy”.
She approaches me and rubs the end of the cane over my panty covered arse cheeks and then runs the tip into the hole at the rear. I keep very still, not daring to move a muscle as you never know what she will do next. The tip of the cane pokes at my ball sack and she pulls it back out. I feel her hand on my arse and then a finger slides down between my cheeks probing at it, the tip entering me. The finger tip then probes deeper. She tries to insert a second finger, but the pussy juices from Lucy and Jill have rubbed off somewhat, and there is just not enough lubrication to allow ingress.

“As you can see, the arsehole tends to be tighter than the pussy and does not produce its own natural lubrication, but a bit of lubricating gel can help with that. Jane, if you would open your desk, you will find a bottle of said product. Would you extract it, please, and squeeze some onto Felix’ arse”
A cold sensation tells me that Jane has done as she is told, and Miss H works the lube into my backdoor using one, two and then three fingers.
“It is always important to ensure that the passage to be filled is well lubricated and stretched. We wouldn’t want anything to stick, as that would spoil the rhythm”, she says as she pumps her fingers in and out of my bumhole.
She, almost reluctantly, removes her fingers and defers to Jane
“Your turn now, Jane”, she says, “Lube up your fingers and get stuck in. I will allow you to play with his prick if you really feel that you must”.
Jane coats her fingers in lube and slides two fingers up inside me, rubbing my prostate. Her other hand strokes my engorged penis through the silky material of my panties.
Miss Hybrid returns to her desk and perches on the front edge, watching as the back row stimulates the front. She lifts one booted leg revealing her bejewelled cunt and rubs her clit, thoughtfully.
“Lucy and Andy”, she calls out, “come up to the front please”
Andy removes his fingers from Lucy’s holes and they both move up to the front desk, the obvious bulge in Andy’s shorts threatening to tear the fabric.
“Lucy, bend over my desk”, instructs Miss H, climbing back down off the desk.
Lucy does as instructed, and Miss H, still with her back to the desk, leans forward, grasps Lucy’s bum cheeks and pulls them apart.
“Open your legs a little wider”, she says, “That’s more like it. Now Andy, drop your shorts”
The words are hardly out of her mouth when the shorts hit the floor and Andy’s impressive length springs free. Miss Hybrid strokes it a few times and then kneels down and takes him into her mouth. After a couple of deep mouthfuls she pulls away, stands back up and faces the rest of us.
“As I have said before, lubrication is important”, she intones in the manner of a university professor, “a good wet blow job should normally do the trick”.
She then turns back and guides Andy’s cock into Lucy’s soaking wet slot.
“As you can see”, she says, “Andy’s fully erect penis slides easily into Lucy’s vagina because we have ensured plenty of…”, she pauses waiting for us to answer.
“LUBRICATION”, we fill in the metaphorical blank.
“Lubrication! Correct, well done.” she smiles as she absently slips a finger into Lucy’s arse while Andy fucks her.
“Next up, Jill and Stefan”, she says, absently fingering Lucy’s butt hole, “Jill, just come around to this side of your own desk and lean over it, legs wide apart, please. Show us what you’ve got”
Jill does as she is asked.
“Stefan, shorts off and let Jill give your cock a good sucking.”
Stefan slips behind Jill’s desk so that she has easy access to his dick. She puts a hand under his balls cupping them and guides his huge prick into her mouth. She tickles the end of his manhood with her tongue, coating it with as much saliva as she can. Stefan puts his hands in her hair as she takes in more of his length. After about half his dick disappears into her mouth, she stops and pulls back, a long trail of saliva hanging between her mouth and his knob. She takes a couple of breaths and then goes back down on him, deeper this time. Again she pulls back before a final effort sees Stefan’s cock disappear altogether. I can see her tongue on his balls and her nose right up against his pubic bone.
“Excellent”, praises Miss H, “that should be ready now, so Stefan come around and get that cock up her cunt”
Jill regurgitates him, eyes watering as his length is released from her throat and he moves around the desk behind her. His massive boner is ready for action and he places the tip against her dripping pussy lips. He rubs his cock against her, teasing open her flower and then slowly entering her. She lets out a gasp as he fills her, his cock slipping easily into her up to the hilt, and they start to fuck, slowly at first, but quickly becoming more urgent.
“And finally”, Miss Hybrid says, “Little Miss Felix. We have a minor issue here in that Jane had no cock and Felix has no cunt, but that is easily rectified. Jane, if you will once again open your desk, you should find a mock cock that you can attach, by the means of some strapping, to yourself. This is known as a ‘Strap On’. This model features a part that you can insert into your vagina, which gives a little more stability and a lot more fun for you”.
Jane pulls her thong to the side, inserts one end of the dildo and buckles up the straps.
“Now, Felix, you will need to lubricate Jane’s cock, so down on your knees in front of her and give that dick a good sucking”.
I kneel down, and tentatively take the end of the 10 inch dildo into my mouth.
“Take it deeper, Felix”, Miss Hybrid says “you know you can do a lot better than that”.
I lick along the length of the plastic dong, moving it around a little just to keep Jane amused. I take a breath and slip the dildo into my mouth. I gag slightly as it touches the back of my throat and pull back quickly. A loud CRACK and a sudden pain across my buttocks precedes Miss Hybrid’s admonition.
“GET THAT COCK DOWN YOUR THROAT, MISS FELIX. That earns you another black mark”.
Once again I take the dildo into my mouth and let it slide to the back. I ignore the gag reflex as the plastic hits the back of my throat and let it slip down my gullet. Tears stream down my face as I hold myself there for as long as possible before slowly releasing it. I gag once more as the phallus drags its way out, but manage to control myself.
“Come up to my desk now, Felix”, Miss H instructs me, “and take your place next to Lucy here”
I bend over the desk next to Lucy trying to keep as relaxed as possible. I am feeling unbelievable horny, as I rest there waiting for Jane to fuck me in the arse, with my cock stretching the silky fabric of my panties. Miss Hybrid holds my cheeks apart as Jane lines the dildo up to my bum hole. Miss H spits on the end of the plastic dong and guides it into my well lubricated shitter. I try not to gasp too loudly as the cock enters me deeper and deeper, and I grasp the edge of the desk tightly. I turn my head to face Lucy, who is still being fucked in the more conventional style by Andy. She smiles at me and I reach over to fondle her breasts, but as my hand gets close, Miss Hybrid’s cane slaps the desk, just barely missing my fingers.
Jane’s strokes get slowly faster as she falls in line with Andy, and Miss Hybrid parades the room. She is getting very obviously turned on by now, and pulls up her skirt. As she watches the dirty goings on all around her, she starts to play with herself, rubbing her clitoris and occasionally slipping her fingers into her cunt.
Needing more stimulation, she separates Jill and Stefan, ordering Jill to lie on the floor. Miss Hybrid positions her pussy above Jill and settles into a soixante-neuf. Looking behind me, I can see just Jill with her mouth buried in cunt. Stefan then blocks my view as he slides his full length into Miss Hybrid’s arse, his balls hit Jill’s face as his pounds in and out of our Mistress.
Jane’s pounding of my own arse slows as she tires and I feel her reach around to grab my cock, at first rubbing me through my panties and then pulling them to the side, allowing my knob to spring free. I see Lucy straighten up out of the corner of my eye and turn to watch as she lies on the desk, putting her feet up on the edge. Andy pulls her forward a touch and sticks his impressive length up her posterior. I reach over and placing my thumb on her clit, push three fingers into her pussy.
Jane pulls out of my arse altogether and unstraps the strap on. She turns me around and pushes me on my back onto the desk and then climbs on top, her dripping pussy quickly swallowing my raging hard on. I pull her blouse open, sending buttons flying in all directions and quickly start to tweak her nipples, which are already like little bullets. Her tits nicely fill my hands as I massage and squeeze them while she rides me like a woman possessed. I look across at Miss Hybrid where she is still having her arse ravaged by Stefan while Jill eats her cunt. I can see her thighs starting to twitch as she approaches her climax.
“Harder, Stefan, harder. Fuck my ass hole, fuck it, harder, harder”, she calls out.
Stefan renews his efforts and is rewarded as she reaches orgasm. Jill’s face gets drenched as Miss Hybrid squirts almost directly into her mouth.
“FUCK ME”, she shouts, “I’M CUMMING!”
Jane tightens up on my cock just as Miss H comes down from her climax and I feel myself getting closer to letting go.
“Yes, yes, yes, yes”, calls out Jane as ripples run through the walls of her pussy.
Lucy cums next, with Andy’s cock deep in her bum and four fingers in her cunt.
Us guys (and I count myself in amongst that, regardless of what Miss Hybrid says) have yet to shoot our loads, but before we can, Miss Hybrid interjects.
“Boys, and Felix, I want your spunk on my tits”, she says, as she opens up the latex blouse.
We form a semi-circle around her kneeling form and the girls, standing behind us, wank us off. Stefan is first to let go, spraying impressively onto those fantastic melons, with Andy and myself just seconds behind. Having emptied our balls onto Miss H’s chest, the girls lick and suck us clean while Miss Hybrid rubs the cum over her boobs and down onto her tummy, occasionally taking a quick lick of her finger.
“Right now girls, you can come and lick all this spunk off me”, she instructs as she lies down on the floor. The girls kneel around her and clean her with their tongues, every so often meeting each other and exchanging a kiss.
“Please, Miss”, says Jill, “I need to go to the bathroom. May I be excused?”
“No”, is the abrupt answer, “You can go right here. I want to watch you piss on Felix.”
I am instructed to lie on the ground while Jill crouches over my face with her thong covering her lady parts. I watch as the already damp fabric suddenly goes dark and bulges for a second before a cascade of hot yellow splashes onto my face and chest. As quickly as it started, the flow comes to a halt and Jill lowers herself onto my face. I suck on the soaking gusset, and stick my tongue up inside her. My dick is starting to harden again ready for another round and Jill leans forward to take my dick in her mouth.
Jane announces that she, too, needs a pee, and is directed to Andy to use. He too lies down and Jill pulls her knickers to the side as she lets go. Miss Hybrid, enjoying the show, moves back to the desk, perching
on the edge. She has guided Lucy back with her who bends over and licks Miss Hybrid’s pussy.
Miss Hybrid leans back over her desk and opens a draw, extracting a large red cock shaped vibrator, which she switches on and hands to Lucy to use. Lucy rubs the vibrating cock against Miss Hybrid’s clit and then into her pussy. Stefan joins Jane and Andy. Jane, having emptied her full bladder is now riding Andy’s cock, who is balls deep in her ass. Jane sucks the end of Stefans weapon and is suddenly rewarded by a stream of hot yellow piss. She aims the stream at her tits, down onto her clit and then back up to her mouth where she swallows some and spits some back at Stefan. As his streams slows to a stop, Jane takes him back into her mouth and attempts to put some more life back into him.
Jill lifts off me and sits herself down on my newly revived cock. I reach forward to play with her clit and slip 3 fingers into her as her arse squeezes me tightly.
Miss Hybrid pulls her legs back further, revealing her arse to Lucy.
“Fuck my arse with that toy”, she instructs Lucy, who pulls the giant red cock from her pussy and slides it into her arsehole.
“I want more”, says Miss Hybrid, “Stefan, get your dick over here, now”
Jane looks disappointed as Stefan turns to join Lucy and Miss H, but continues to ride Andy, nevertheless.
Miss Hybrid stands, still with the vibrator up her arsehole and directs Stefan to lie on the desktop. She hands the dildo to Lucy and then climbs up on top of Stefan, facing away from him as she lowers are bum onto his cock. Once she has herself comfortable, Lucy is directed to fuck Miss Hybrid with the plastic cock. I watch with fascination while Jill continues to ride my prick.
“Jill, I need Felix as well”, calls Miss Hybrid.
“Just a moment please Miss”, Jill replies, “just……………..second…….AAAHHHHHHHHH”
She screams out as she cums, more cum juices spraying at me as her tight arsehole contracts even further, threatening to make me cum once more.
Once she finishes, I join Miss Hybrid, where the dildo has been discarded altogether, and Lucy’s hand is stretching Miss H’s cunt wide.
“I want you in my arse with Stefan”, she orders.
I try and work out the logistics of this, and climb up onto desk. Lucy removes her hand, and guides me to Miss H’s bum hole, squeezing me in alongside Stefan. We slowly build up a rhythm together, experience has told us that working too fast will cause one of us to slip out, and I have already accumulated too many black marks for comfort. Lucy works hard on Miss Hybrid’s clit as Stefan and I work together, harder and faster. Suddenly I feel myself squeezed tightly as Miss Hybrid cums again, and I cannot hold on any longer, releasing my remaining spunk into her bum. I feel Stefan’s cock pressed up next to mine start to pump his love liquid into her as well.
She reaches back into her drawer and pulls out her jewelled butt plug, which she inserts firmly into her bum, trapping the liquid so recently donated by me and Stefan. She brushes back her long brown hair as she turns back to the class.

“Practice what you have learned here today”, says Miss Hybrid a touch breathlessly, “you never know, there may be a test next time”.


 Post subject: Re: Top of the Class
PostPosted: May 6th, 2011, 7:02 pm 
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Felix wrote:
She got the school mistress kit on again yesterday.
I recomend going to her website and then looking for the oldest update you can find. ;)

That's one of your best photosets so far. Thanks a lot!!! :2Thumbs: :yes: :bravo


 Post subject: Re: Top of the Class
PostPosted: July 16th, 2011, 8:27 pm 

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awesome, thanks so much:)

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