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 Post subject: Fun with Dick in Jane
PostPosted: May 30th, 2010, 12:17 pm 
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As promised, here is an extract from my diary from last week, when Jane joined us, and I showed her the dungeon.


I get up, wander around my desk and hold open the door for her. I show Jane the way to the old barn and we go up the stairs to the dungeon ante room.
“This room can be used for changing, and there is a supplies cupboard on the wall there”, I say as I show her. The cupboard contains, amongst other things, various nipple clamps, chains, sterile wipes, KY jelly, and talc.
Jane checks through the contents, comparing them with the list that I have given her. She makes a few notes on her clipboard, and then we go on through into the dungeon proper. I show her the supply cupboard here too, and again, Jane checks through list and makes a couple of notes. Once she is happy with the list and the contents of the cupboard, she looks around the rest of the place.
Her eyes settle on the leather covered bench in the middle of the room.
“What’s that”, she asks, pointing to the bench.
“It’s a simple restraint bench”, I reply. “It has movable arm and leg sections, giving a full range of positions for the person strapped down”.
“Do you think that I could see it in use?”, she asks me.
“Sure”, I reply, “just lie down on there, and I’ll strap you in”.
“Actually, I wanted to see it, so would you lie allow me to strap you in for a minute instead”, she says rather demurely.
I can’t see the harm in it, so I reply in the affirmative.
“Okay, but I should really get changed first. I don’t really want to spoil my suit, and you won’t get the full effect either”, I point out. “Why don’t you come back through to the ante room, and chose something for me?”
We go back through to the ante room and open the male clothing wardrobe. Jane selects the rather fetching black leather strap harness with pouch for me. What have I let myself in for? Jane goes back through while I change. Once I get the straps all connected to the right places and the pouch in place, I go back through and lie down on the bench. Jane has set it with the arms out to the sides and the legs open. She picks up the ropes and swiftly ties me to the bench, with a little too much expertise for my liking. I am beginning to think that I may have made a bit of a mistake here.
“I think I like this bench, Felix”, she gloats, “I think that it could be a lot of fun. Now you stay here, I’ll just be a couple of minutes”.
With that she disappears from sight. I hear the ante room door open and close. Okay, so I have made a mistake. Is she just going to leave me here, or is she coming back? My query is answered when the door opens again, and I hear her footsteps as she crosses the room to the stores cupboard.
When she comes back into view, standing between my legs, I am stunned at the transformation. She has let her hair down, the wavy auburn locks flow down to just above her breasts, which are now clad in a black PVC basque. Holes in the cups allow her pale pink nipples to poke through. A short black PVC skirt barely covers the tops of her legs, and the tops of her stockings joining the suspenders from the basque are visible above the thigh length, high heeled boots. In her left hand, she is holding a multi thonged leather whip, and in her right a set of nipple clamps.

I'm afraid that the rest of this can only be read in the members blog.

 Post subject: Re: Fun with Dick in Jane
PostPosted: August 20th, 2010, 4:24 pm 

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:-) nice extract

 Post subject: Re: Fun with Dick in Jane
PostPosted: August 24th, 2010, 5:35 am 
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Very nice....

 Post subject: Re: Fun with Dick in Jane
PostPosted: August 24th, 2010, 6:58 pm 

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realy nice one

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