My long awaited Autumnal newsletter (#11) is here. I have been very busty lately and this is what I have been getting down to.

Fresh From The Forum
I am delighted to announce that our forum has now reached a huge 1,000 topics, 1,800 members and 32,000 posts. Thank you to everyone for making it such a success.... Visit the Forum

Horny Happy Hybrid Handjob On Hibernating Hungry Haemoglobin Hunter - Arousing the old Count

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I venture down into my newly opened cellars, to see if I can awake my old friend. Oh the fun we are going to have down there. A drinks party will never be the same again. He is keen to feed after laying dormant for a decade. He's not allowed a nibble on my neck again, last time he tried to drain every last drop of blood from my jugular. I soon have his mind focused further south, as I flash my stockings, tits and pussy. Things began to look up and I turned the tables, this time draining him! I've promised to bring him a steady supply of fresh meat so I must start interviewing for some eager, young maids... Ho hum

In my members area you are going to get all of me. Interactive live chat, voyeur footage and lots more.

I gave him an eyeful and he was a handful

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This video is the long awaited sequel to my popular 'Stress Relief For Business Executives'.

I had great fun giving Ed an eyeful of my huge tits as I ripped my shirt open, and the buttons flew off everywhere.

I gave him a slow tit wank and gloved handjob. I was quite exhausted afterwards as Ed is always more than a handful. However, he seemed to approve of my thigh length boots, leather gloves and sheer stockings. The dirty boy spunked everywhere.

In my members area you are going to get all of me. Interactive live chat, voyeur footage and lots more.

Wiggle Walk Staff training is a life long commitment, a truly rewarding vocation.

The wind keeps blowing, the leaves keep falling and I keep stripping, hoping the gardener will perk up and come out from whatever shed he's been jerking off in lately. Feeling playful, I decide to perform a pussywalk outdoors. I start off demurely dressed in a velvet two piece and end up in just seamed pantyhose and leather thigh boots. The video will be up soon so you can enjoy a hands free show and who knows what else?

Leather boots pussywalk

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Food is the way to a man's heart but restraint is the way for the man's tart. I always find that one of the best ways to get a man's attention and ensure clarity of thought, is to lock his privates up. Some men left to their own devices, are like loose canons, firing off randomly all over the place.

A cock cage is an ideal method to help fortify and prevent loose balls going off with an unexpected bang. Soon I have him meeting my every need, willingly. His pleasure dependant solely on my whim.

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